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CBD Wholesale

If you are a store or business and wish to purchase CBD from us wholesale for retail purposes please contact us for questions and/or inquiries @ 954-374-8415

Requirements for wholesale accounts: 

  • Proof of State Business Certificate
  • Proof of Tax ID Certificate
  • Non Disclosure Agreement to protect industry pricing.
  • For Wholesale Price sheet please contact us @ Office: 954-374-8415 – Cell:  954-338-8300

Termination of Agreement: 

We take pride in offering top quality, premium CBD and it is imperative that individuals looking to resell our product enforce strict pricing.  Case in point, That you sell the product at RSVP and not at a highly discounted price for quick resale. That you only sell on your brick and mortar related website and not any third party websites such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, or others. Failure to comply with our standards for doing business will result in a termination of contract with our corporation.  Thereafter we will humbly decline all future purchase requests from any individuals who breach our contract.

At Hempol, we never make claims what  our products can do for others, nor do we make any false statements. We take pride in our competitive pricing, we take pride in the quality of our products and the notion that this product was design to benefit humanity before ourselves.  We have a very soft heart for children in need, for veterans with PTSD and for anyone who needs our product for their wellness.

Please feel free to contact us for wholesale inquiries providing that you can agree with the our requirements. Please check your state laws before purchasing our products, we are not responsible for our client’s failures to research prior to purchasing. We thank you for your interests and wish you the very best,




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