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Let’s face it, CBD is a booming business and you will go only as far as the work you put in. Why start from the beginning looking for a lab to create your own products. At Hempol CBD we can offer you and your business a range of options. Whether you are looking merely to purchase wholesale for resale, or start your own brand via private label. We can help you achieve that dream, and put you on your path to making an income.


Why choose us?

We have been in the Hemp CBD manufacturing business for over 6+ years, we are an established corporation. We are FDA compliant, and GMP certified. (Good Manufacturing Practices). We are serious about what we do, and about the quality of the product we release. We do not fill our products with additives in order to dilute the product, as some other companies do.  Our lab tests are solid. as are our products and reputation in this field.  Our products are manufactured within a 25000 sq ft lab, and is highly regulated.



Buy our products wholesale and resell them at your brick and mortar business. We are sorry to state that selling our products via online stores is not permitted under a wholesale accounts. However it is allowed via a private label account.

Wholesale Rules:

We take pride in offering top quality, premium CBD and it is imperative that individuals looking to resell our product enforce strict pricing.  Case in point, That you sell the product at RSVP and not at a highly discounted price for quick resale. That you only sell on your brick and mortar related website and not any third party websites such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy, or others. Failure to comply with our standards for doing business will result in a termination of contract with our corporation.  Thereafter we will humbly decline all future purchase requests from any individuals who breach our contract.

At Hempol, we never make claims what  our products can do for others, nor do we make any false statements. We expect our wholesales to follow those guidelines, because making claims is highly shunned by the FDA.


Private Label:

Private labelling is simple, simply buy our products with your labels on them. Now they become your products, under your brand, and your company. You are free to sell them anywhere at whatever price point you deem necessary. We are merely supplying your with an unbranded product for you to build your foundation on. We can assist your brand with business cards, advertising and website design, and help kick start your brand to another level. We have the years of experience, to know how and the means to make your dream of owning your own CBD brand a reality.

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